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Tony Matesi

Age: 28 (DOB: 12/4/85)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

10% Discount Code:  TheLegend

Primary Running Discipline: I grew up doing martial arts as a kid as well as gymnastics. I competed at the elite level through high school and into college. When I first started college I decided quickly to switch things up and found myself in the world of competitive cheerleading. We ranked in the top 5 teams nationally my first two years on the team and in the top 10 my last two. During graduate school I found myself lost and searching for a new outlet. During this time I found obstacle racing and more specifically Spartan Race. I was hooked. I trained like an animal and went after the hardest race I could find, the Death Race. After finishing my first year I decided to start my own 24 hour adventure race and pitched the idea of a shorter idea to bridge the gap between Spartan Race and Death Race to Joe De Sena. A year later I launched the Hurricane Heat Twelve Hour, an endurance race that falls under the Spartan banner. While leading these events I train myself by carrying a weighted ruck and pacing participants through most of their course. My goals are to take on more ultra marathons and endurance events such as the Triple Anvil Triathlon (Triple Ironman) and GoRuck Selection. Hopefully I’ll throw some other advnenture races in the mix as well. My dream goals are to summit some of the tallest mountains including Mt. Baker, Rainier, and eventually Everest.

Website/Blog: www.legendofthedeathrace.com

Favorite Race Food/Hydration: Trail Mix, Beef Jerky, Skittles

Your Inspiration: My mother and father.

Your Day Job: Managing Editor of Spartan Blog/Magazine

Cheat Day: Burgers, Pizza, Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra

Why Trail Toes: It kept my feet blister free after 66 hours on my feet with only 2 applications at the 2014 Peak Death Race in Pittsfield, VT. 2015

Event Schedule: GoRuck Selection, Peak Ultra 100, Virginia Triple Anvil Triathlon (USA Ultra Triathlon)

Greatest Life Achievement: (Running or otherwise) Finishing the 2014 Peak Death Race with the most laps completed during the mountain time trial. Finding a way to take my passion and turn it into my career.

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Christopher S. Knodel

Age: 42

Home: San Antonio

10% Discount Code:  IrishGoat

TX Primary Running Discipline: I left the United States Army a broken soldier, alcoholic and chain-smoker. I allowed PTSD to define my actions, and in record time managed to blow through several marriages and double my bodyweight. I was angry, obese and tired of fighting. That life had to end. I managed to throw on a pair of shoes one day and went for a run. It wasn’t pretty, and was little more than a fat-boy shuffling down a country road for 20 minutes. But I ran, and my life changed completely. I have been running five years. I have covered ground in twenty-two states, and five countries on three continents.

This month, I just broke a cumulative tally of 11000 miles. I have toed the line at over 200 competitions and have shared trails with some of the greatest runners on earth. I chose ultra-marathon because it best represented who I became, and how I choose to live. Website: www.irishgoat.com Syndicated Column: “Ask the Goat” (Pee Dee Post & Sanford Herald Newspapers) Book: More, Better, Quicker- The Irish Goat: A Fat-boy & His Path to Ultra-Distance Favorite Race Food/Hydration: My training regimen is a combination of an OFM (Optimal Fat Metabolism) Low-Carbohydrate diet, with VESPA Power products and DripDrop Medical-Grade Electrolyte Replenishment. Your Inspiration: Running keeps me clean, sober and calm. After almost 20 years of chain-smoking, alcoholism and anger-related issues, I found discipline through miles. Your Day Job: I am a San Antonio area running and triathlon coach. My certifications include USAT Triathlon Level #1, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (SFN), ISSA Specialist in Exercise Therapy/Rehabilitation (SET)& ISSA Elite Trainer. Best and Worst Race Experiences: Georgia Jewel 100 taught me everything I needed to know about a mountain ‘hundo.’ I went in blind having never run a hundred miler, and left with a new respect for those that do. Racing the Planet Iceland 250K has remained my favorite experience so far; it actually veered my running path to stage racing, through-hiking and multiday events.

Cheat Day: Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Why Trail Toes: Trail Toes keeps me from blistering. In addition, it prevents chafing from gear and clothes. 2014 Event Schedule: Javelina Jundred; Tarheel Ultra Stage Race 2015 Event Schedule: Race Across the USA, 3100-mile trek; Volstate 500K; TransRockies 120M Stage Race; Silverton 6-day; Backyard Ultra & Grand to Grand 170M Stage Race Greatest Life Achievement: (Running or otherwise): Hopefully, it will be the successful completion of the 3100-mile Race Across the USA.

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TEAM TROT - Rob Goyen

Age: 36

Hometown: Katy, Texas

10% Discount Code: TEAM TROT

Primary Athletic Disciplines: I am a trail runner at heart but really like to lift weights as well. So this year with a newly worked on knee I am looking forward to going after some cross fit, go ruck events, ocr and trail events in the year. Another passion of mine will be some long unsupported hikes which will include the LHST and I’d like to hike some of the PCT this year again.

Website/Blog: http://www.robgoyen.com

Favorite Race Food/Hydration: Im draw to some odd choice but top 5 are. 1) real maple syrup from the glass bottle, 2) hammer gels.. 3) epic bars post during long runs 4) bearded brother raspberry lemonade bars all day 5) gummy bears

Your Inspiration: My brother in law is my biggest inspiration right now. He has hiked the AT and is now in New Zealand hiking the longest trail. His ability to hike 30 mile days and never stop truly amazes me. I hope one day to hike somewhere epic with him.

Your Day Job: I am a race director of Trail Racing over Texas, I am the advertising manager of Ultrasportslive.tv and I do marketing consulting for a few other businesses.

Best and Worst Race Experiences: Snowdrop 55 hour Race 2014 I ran the year my God Son Kees Poole passed away from Pediatric Cancer which is what the race benefits. I have never felt more at peace and knew inside that I would get it done no matter what. Worst Rocky Raccoon 100 2014 I shouldn’t have been at the race. It was a defining moment in me realizing that I couldn’t just show up and not care about how I finished the race. A DNF that I will always remember.

Cheat Day: Tex-Mex or Indian Food

Why Trail Toes: I have always been a fan of the truth. Trail Toes works for me and since using it I have never had blisters. At the snowdrop 55 2014 I had 8 blisters, 6 missing toenails and hobbled my way to a 100 miler this was pre trail toes. 2015 same race 0 blisters and no lost toe nails. Combine that with no chaffing even though I wore short shorts and you have found the mecca!

2015 Event Schedule: FKT Unsupported Lone Star Hiking Trail, Snowdrop 55 150 miles

Greatest Life Achievement: My greatest achievement will always be losing 170 lbs. Everything started with losing weight and wanting to be healthy. I took over 4 years of daily dedication and I still draw from that when I feel like Im out of gas.

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Mark Wood

Age: 46

Hometown: Columbia, SC

10% Dicount Code:  Boo Hag

Primary Running Discipline: For about 15 years, I deluded myself into thinking that I was the same decently fit guy I was back in high school, college and the Navy. But my sedentary lifestyle caught up with me when I wasn’t looking. By the time I hit 40, I’d ballooned up to 215 lbs, which isn’t a good look on someone who is only 5’ 7. So, six years ago, on my 40th birthday, I decided that I would go for a run. I made it maybe a third of mile before I came puffing back to the house. It sucked, but it was a start. So, the next day I did the same loop but added a few more steps. Over time, the distance added up. Soon I was competing in OCR’s, trail ultras and endurance events like the Peak Death Race and England’s Cliff Top Challenge. What do I get out of it? Freedom. When I’m out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but the trail to focus on, everything becomes simple. Run. Breathe. Relax. That’s all that matters. The rest of the world will sort itself out. Right now, I’ve become mildly obsessed with seeing how far I can push myself, physically and mentally. I want to take on more multi-day events, and more importantly, make my own solo challenges. For example, The 350+ mile Palmetto Trail is calling, as is tackling the three highest peaks in SC at one time. Website/Blog: www.boohagracing.com (in development) Favorite Race Food/Hydration: Hummus, quinoa, bacon and coconut water Your Inspiration: (who or what inspires you) Those ordinary people you see every day, in the gym, on the trail, wherever, putting in hard work and long hours. Your Day Job: (How you really pay the bills) Sign maker and race director for Boo Hag Races Best and Worst Race Experiences: (Include what you learned from it) Strangely enough they were during the same event. At the 2012 Peak Death Race, I was about 50 hours in and the skin on my left toes was peeling off like a grape. Looking at them, I knew I was done. After I’d put so much into training, diet, and mental preparedness, that to be sidelined by my feet was devastating. As I was getting ready to pack it in and head back to base with my tail between my legs, my kids Rowan and Eamon stopped me dead. ”You said we weren’t allowed to let you quit. Get up and get moving. You’ve got this.” Seeing them there, believing in me when I was at my absolute lowest, saved me. I finished 7th that year, and I know I couldn’t have down it without them.

Cheat Day: (what do you eat, or drink when taking a cheat day?) Honestly? Anything that isn’t nailed down. Especially Double Stuff Oreos. They’re like Kryptonite.

Why Trail Toes: See that “Worst Race Experience” question? Well, there you go. I started using Trail Toes shortly after DR and NOTHING I’ve tried works as well, regardless of the situation. I’ve put trail toes through every situation I can come up with from snow-capped mountains to waist deep swamps and it’s never let me down.

2015 Event Schedule (so far): March 21st The Camp Sand Hills Trail Ultra - Patrick SC June 21st The Cliff Top Challenge - Deal, England September – The Grinder – Location, date and time TBD

Greatest Life Achievement: (Running or otherwise) My amazing family Yeah, I know it sounds sappy, but because of Marti and the kid’s love, tolerance and understanding, I’ve been able to build a pretty incredible life so far. No race or award can beat that.

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Brian Flemming

Age: 37

Hometown: North Pole, Alaska USA

10% Discount code:  UltraAK

Primary Athletic Disciplines: My name is Brian Flemming and I am a father of three and husband of one who dwells in North Pole, Alaska. I am the Owner and CEO of a success construction company and a full time dad and husband. During my free time I enjoy trail running around the world. I have been blessed with the opportunity to run in Chile, Mexico, Hawaii, England, Uganda, and numerous states throughout the United States. I started running after my first daughter was killed in a tragic accident. I found that running was a great way to relieve stress, grieve my daughter’s passing, and converse with God. I am a Christian and I like to talk to God while I run. I find that running is a great way for me to escape the stress of running a company and it gives me the opportunity to clear my mind and enjoy God’s creation.

Website/Blog: http://facebook.com/brianflemmingAK and www.bigstreetconstruction.com

Favorite Race Food/Hydration: “Perpetuem” is simply a meal in a bottle.

Your Inspiration: I am inspired by the older runners that I encounter on the trail. I love how running enables people to get in shape and enjoy the simple things in life.

Your Day Job: Owner and CEO of a construction company

Best and Worst Race Experiences: The hardest race I have ever run was the 2013 Racing the Planet Atacama Desert 250KM Ultra in San Pedro Chile. I trained in Alaska for the race at a couple hundred feet above sea level. The Atacama Ultra trail was over 10,000 feet in spots and was incredibly hot. I didn’t have a good grasp on equipment, nutrition, nor foot care. I wasn’t using Trail Toes and just about DNF’ed due to foot issues. The race was absolutely brutal to say the least. Fast forward to Sept 2014 and I ran the Grand 2 Grand 170 mile Ultra at the Grand Canyon National Park. I trained properly for this race and learned how to fuel my body more efficiently during the race. In addition, I ran with the aid of Trail Toes and didn’t have a single foot issue during the race!

Cheat Day: I have a sweet tooth and tend to enjoy ice cream and baked goods!

Why Trail Toes: Trail Toes saved my feet and enabled me to have a top 25 finish in the Grand 2 Grand 170 mile Ultra in Sept 2014. Trail Toes enabled me to forget about the condition of my feet and focus more on simply running and having fun. I find that most people pull out of ultras due to foot issues.

2015 Event Schedule: Pony Express 60 Mile Ultra, Sussex England May 2015 Running Club North Mountain Trail Series (7 Mountain Races) Fairbanks, Alaska Summer 2015 Crow Creek Pass Mountain Marathon, Girdwood Alaska July 2015 Hood to Coast 199 Mile Relay, Oregon August 2015 Resurrection Pass 50 Mile Mountain Race Anchorage, Alaska August 2015 Equinox Ultra Marathon 50 KM, Fairbanks Alaska September 2015

Greatest Life Achievement: (Running or otherwise) My greatest life achievement has been being blessed with the opportunity to be a father and husband. God has trusted me to father three incredible children and to be a husband to a beautiful women and the best mother children could ever ask for. I have received several prestigious professional awards but by far being a dad and a husband trumps all of them.

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Dawn Lisenby

Age: 47

Hometown: Flagler Beach

10% Discount Code: RunNatural

Primary Athletic Disciplines: I was inspired by my brother Jack to start running after I moved to the beach to begin to start a family. Prior to doing so I stayed in shape playing women’s competitive soccer. Prior to that I was a dancer, and even considering doing that for a career at a certain point. I had always been active and so wanted to stay that way prior to having children and after. I did not expect to fall in love with running like I did and to build a career out of it. In addition to running I love to strength train and do yoga. I hold certifications in both. Additionally, due to previous injury I believe they both enable me to run long distances. I am motivated to train because I truly love to work my body and to run. However, racing wise I hope to one day complete Hardrock. The Keys 100 this year will be a qualifier for me to do Cruel Jewel 100 next May as qualifier for Hardrock 2017.

Website/Blog: www.RunNaturalCoach.com www.Jacks50k.com

Favorite Race Food/Hydration: Exercise Hydration Mix by Skratch Labs

Your Inspiration: I am inspired by my brother who died at the age of 23 but was already following his passion and loved animals and running. I am inspired by my sister’s strength who is currently battling stage 4 breast cancer. I am inspired by my love for my children to stay fit and healthy for them. And I am inspired by my ultra friend’s amazing accomplishments….you know who you are!

Your Day Job: (How you really pay the bills) I am a running coach and personal trainer with RunNaturalCoach.com

Best and Worst Race Experiences: (Include what you learned from it) Best race experience was Azalea 12 hour this past November. I ran the furthest I ever have, 54 miles, on pavement no less. I learned that when you set out with the intention to enjoy a race and let the rest follow good things will happen. I ended up winning overall female and coming in 4th overall. I also got to enjoy running with a former client and friend for 5 hours, which really gave new depth to our friendship. I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was! Worst race experience would be Croom 100k this past January. It was my first DNF. I was not absorbing my nutrition due to it being very hot and got very sick 52 miles in from hyponatremia. I learned that one’s health is always more important than finishing and also that I was allergic to what I was using for my nutrition and in addition to heat was why I was not absorbing it. It lead me to my new nutrition sponsor Skratch Labs. I learned about the bodies amazing wisdom and capacity to heal. And most importantly I learned to always listen to your inner voice… no matter what!

Cheat Day: I enjoy red wine, a nice steak and dark chocolate for dessert ?

Why Trail Toes: Before Trail Toes I had terrible problems with blisters if I ran over 20 miles…which just would not do for running ultras. Prior to running my first 100 in Keys this year I knew I had to find a solution otherwise it would be my undoing. I happened upon Lisa Smith-Batchens report on her quad across Death Valley. I thought if this product can keep her feet looking this good after 540 miles than it most certainly can help me. I contacted Vincent and the rest is history! So happy to be a part of the trail toes family!!!

2015 Event Schedule: March 15-Palm 100k May 16-Keys 100 Sept 26-Tick Tock 12 Hour Ultra Nov 22-Azalea 24 Hour Ultra

Greatest Life Achievement: (Running or otherwise) My two boys would be my greatest accomplishment However running wise I am proud to be able to run the distances I do, considering in 2010 I was told due to a labral tear in my hip that I would not be able to do so. That is what began my passion for helping others to overcome injury by focusing on their form, strength and mobility and the creation of my business RunNaturalCoach. I am very proud to have helped many runners overcome injury and get back to doing what they love for life!

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Travis Esterby

Age: 35

Hometown: Clarksville TN

10% Discount Code: HubRunner

Primary Athletic Disciplines: I started dabbling in the Ultra-scene about 5 years ago after I realized that my foot speed wasn’t that of a 20 year old kid anymore and being competitive at 5K’s wasn’t going to happen. After my first race I was hooked, due to being active duty in the military I don’t get to race as much as I would like. I try and pick one main race a year that most of my training is focused around. 2015 I am looking to try out some adventure racing, the multi-sport aspect of it really intrigues me.

Website/Blog: Clarksvillerunnershub.com

Favorite Race Food/Hydration: UCAN/SUCCEED AMINO Fuel

Your Day Job: US ARMY and own a Specialty Running Shoe Store, The Runners Hub in Clarksville Tn.

Best and Worst Race Experiences: Best racing experience was running Western States in 2014, the atmosphere and being able to toe the line with some of the best runners in the world was quite the experience. My worst racing experience was also running Western States in 2014, my body was having a terrible day and I fell hours off of my intended pace, I had a terrible day but managed to gut out a Sub- 24 hour finish.

Cheat Day: Hamburgers or Pizza

Why Trail Toes: I feel like it’s the best Anti friction cream on the market, anybody that I have recommended Trail Toes to have turned it into their go-to for Anti friction.

2015 Event Schedule: My number one race I am focused on right now for 2015 is Leadville 100, I will pick 4-5 regional races ranging from 50K-100K in preparation for it.

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Jason Spare

Age: 46,

Hometown: Originally, Wilmington, WV. Currently, Delaware, TX

10% Discount Code:  SpareUltra

I've always been into running, working out and athletics, but in 2002 I decided to try an organized 5k. I loved the feeling of completing a race, and the spirit of being among like competitors. From there I went on to compete in numerous half marathons, 5 full marathons and triathlons. I gave up drugs and alcohol many years ago, so I've always used athletics to fill the void that the substances once consumed. In 2008 I ran my first "mud run" and instantly, fell in love with it. The suck factor mixed with the crazy people really attracted me to it. From that point on, I really wanted to start pushing and challenging myself. I, inevitably, signed up for my first ToughMudder, with progressed to other events: 9 or 10 GORUCK Challenges, 3 GORUCK Heavies (24 hrs), GORUCK HCL (40 hrs) and a run at GORUCK Selection. I've also finished multiple Spartan events,including Spartan Ultra x 2 (30+ miles) and the Death Race x 2 (quit in 2013, finished 2014) and Peaks Races Snowshoe Marathon in Pittsfield VT. Currently, doing Megatransect this weekend (30 mile trail race), Extremus 60 mile Alpine trek in January, as well as, Peaks Snowshoe 100 miler in March...more to come.

Other interests include working out with weights and kettlebells, occasionally Cross Fit and making up my workouts, martial arts (2nd Deg Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

I stay motivated for events with my training, and I look forward to seeing and making new friends there. I believe its more important to stay in shape with "tweaking" my program for events, rather then trying to "get in shape" for them. At 46, I have to work my butt off in order to compete at this level, esp when most are 10-20 years younger. In terms of competition, the only opponent is myself. Ultimately, the body breaks and the mind tries to rationalize what you're doing is so wrong and should be stopped. It's the mental strength that I seek, and feel I'm gaining with each event, even though I may be a step or two slower. I love inspiring people, esp older athletes, and showing them your mind and body are capable of so much.

As I continue to do Death Races and OCR, I'd like to attempt more ultra marathons and, possibly, mountaineering; last weekend I climbed Mt Washington for the first time.

My favorite race food and hydration? For short races under 12 hrs, just water and GU shots, possibly a cliff bar or two. Races in the 12-days I prefer real food for the calories. Almond butter, banana and honey sandwiches are my favorite. The multi day events I, also, packed chicken breast and chopped up red potatoes with salt and olive oil. As for fluid either water or 50/50 water sports drink mix. I always have electrolite tabs and caffeine for a later push.

Our military inspires me. If the do what they do for us and put it on the line, I can suck it up for a few hours. I'm also inspired by everyone's spirit around me when I see them dig deep, I know that I can hang for another 5 minutes. I've been surrounded my so many amazing people.

I am an emergency room RN in a Level 1 Trauma Center. I work there so I can play later. It is an incredibly stressful environment.

My worst experience in an event was GORUCK Selection in 2012. I quit within 11 hours into it. I was devastated that I quit so soon; what a slap in the face of reality, I was much mentally weaker then expected. My greatest was the Summer Death Race this year. I went in with the mindset that the only way I would not finish, would be if I died. I did finish; it was a turning point for me, mentally. I learned that I am much mentally stronger then I am physically. We can overcome so much more then we realize.

I don't drink alcohol, but I love cheating with pizza, donuts and burgers!! I'm not on any set diet, I'm just careful with what I consume.

Mark Webb introduced me to Trail Toes (another huge inspiration), and I've used them this past year for my >24 hrs events.. I love this product and believe in it. No blisters, no foot maceration!! As you know, your feet are the single most imp things to take care of, and this year has been a foot clinic for me. I will use Trail Toes for this weekends race for certain.
Upcoming schedule: Megatransect this weekend, Extremus 60 mile Alpine trek 1/15, Pikes 100 mile snowshoe trek 3/2015 There WILL be more between now and then. Ultimately, I'd love to do the Wasatch Front 100 miler
Greatest life achievement was kicking drugs and alcohol. Without that, there wouldn't be any of this.
Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon,
-Jason Spare

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Ray Tincher

Age: 31,

Hometown: Originally, Scott Depot, WV. Currently, San Antonio, TX

10% Discount Code:  SpeedRaycer


Favorite Race Food/Hydration:
Food: Bonk Breaker bars; Hydration:
Gatorade before races and HEED during races (there is no method to my madness, it’s just my routine).

Your Inspiration:
My dad has been my inspiration all my life. I have been witness to him losing many pounds and keeping them off after having two massive heart attacks. He always taught me that hard work and dedication will bring great results. Since heart disease runs in my family, he inspires me to stay fit for life to help prevent this in the future.

Your Day Job:
(How you really pay the bills) I am a Senior Project Engineer at Intertek Carnot Emissions Services. We perform durability and emissions testing on small diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines.

Best and Worst Race Experiences: (Include what you learned from it)

Worst: My very first OCR was the 2012 Muddy Mayhem, and I was completely unprepared. I had no idea how to dress, what shoes to wear, and to top it off the course was not marked properly, so everyone ended up running it backward. I have come a long way, and now know exactly what shoes work best for me and exactly how to dress so I don’t end up with pockets of mud.

Best: This would have to be the 2014 Vermont Spartan Beast. I came in top 1.5% overall, and learned that even someone living in San Antonio, TX can tackle the mountainous terrain of Vermont. Because I prepared well for this race (hydration, clothing, trail toes), I didn’t have any of the common hiccups that other racers were experiencing, such as cramps, hypothermia, pack burn and blisters.

Cheat Day:
(what do you eat, or drink when taking a cheat day?)I am a sucker for Hawaiian pizza and ice cream.

Why TrailToes:
I used to be plagued with blisters on my feet after any trail run over 5 or 6 miles. I tried a lot of options, some better than others, but I was never 100% satisfied. A friend of mine told me about Trail Toes, and I figured why not give it a try. Wow, what a difference this product has made in my training and racing! I have been able to go entire Spartan Races (15+ miles, with swimming) and still this product DOES NOT FAIL! I am a believer!

2014 Event Schedule:
11-Jan - Bandera 25k - Bandera, TX 8-Feb - Spartan Sprint - Phoenix, AZ
15-Mar - Jailbreak - San Antonio, TX
5-Apr - Hells Hills 25k - Smithville, TX
12-Apr - Muddy Mayhem - San Antonio, TX
17-May - Spartan Super - Burnet, TX
18-May - Spartan Sprint - Burnet, TX
31-May - Gladiator Rock n' Run - Floresville, TX
13-Jun - Friday the 13th 10k - San Antonio, TX 28-Jun - Pedernales Falls 30k - Johnson City, TX 25-Jul - El Chupacabra 10k - San Antonio, TX
23-Aug - Spartan Super - Wintergreen, VA 20-Sep - Spartan Beast - Killington, VT
11-Oct- Green Beret Challenge - Smithville, TX
1-Nov - Spartan Beast - Glen Rose, TX 2-Nov - Spartan Sprint - Glen Rose, TX
8-Nov – Natural Bridge Caverns Maze Challenge - San Antonio, TX
20-Dec - Illuminations Half - San Antonio, TX

Greatest Life Achievement: (Running or otherwise)
I would have to say my greatest achievement has been taking myself from a relatively out of shape person almost five years ago to being in the best shape of my life and being able to compete in some of the toughest OCR’s in the world. I have taught myself that any goal is possible; I just have to want it bad enough.

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Jose "Chelo Man" Alonzo


Hometown: Spring Hill FL

10% Discount Code:  iFinish

Primary running discipline:  I started my amateur boxing career when I was 7 years old in Puerto Rico. My Uncle Jungo, R.I.P., took me to a boxing gym to scare me. He, nor I, realized that it would change my life forever. In 1994, I won the Golden Gloves in the Super Middle Weight Division in West Palm Beach, FL. I was just 17 years old and was trained under Cecil Lalas in Spring Hill, FL.On April 18, 1999 I started my professional boxing career with legendary Latin trainer, Don Kahn. Exactly four years later, I won The WBA Fedecentro Championship against Alberto Albaladejo in Tampa, FL. The Fedecentro Championship is a prestigious belt exclusively for Latin Boxers. I knocked out Albaladejo in the eighth round with a three punch combination. In that moment, I became the first Hernando County, FL resident with a professional title. I was 22 years old, and ready to take on the world. Unfortunately three weeks after winning the title, I suffered a broken right ankle, and had to stop boxing. For eight long years, my son, daughter, and little brother, Adrian, never stopped believing in me. They would always keep telling me to get better and get back into boxing. On February 11, 2011, I decided to start my come-back career. Nine months later, with a lot of hard work and dedication, I became the FL State Super Middle Weight Champion of Florida. I beat Adam Jaco, by decision, at the age of 34. September 14, 2012 I officially retired from boxing with “Fight Night Productions”. Boxing is very straining on the body, and I sustained a neck injury that I just couldn’t recover from. At first I wasn’t sure what I would do career wise. I realized God had another plan for me. I am able to use my knowledge of conditioning, nutrition, and self motivation to help others become the champions that they are. I am now a Certified Personal Trainer at CheloMan Fitness LLC and Restorative Therapy. Coaching and helping other realized their full potential is one of my passions. I myself am constantly looking for ways to improve my mental and physical state. One of methods I use for improvements are competing in obstacle course races. I have competed in the Elite waves of races such as “Tough Mudder” which qualified me to compete in the “World’s Toughest Mudder”. Last year I focused on completing “Spartan Races Trifecta” which consisted of hree races; 4 plus miles, 8 plus miles and 12 plus miles of obstacles. These races not only test your physical strength but they test you mental capability. I was able to place in the top 10% or higher and top 4% or higher in my age group at all of the races I competed in. I recently began ultra running, completing in a 50k and two 50 plus milers in trails. I do not do fitness I am fitness. I believe that you can accomplish anything in life with the right motivation, persistence and dedication. I thank the Lord for blessing me with my wife Cristina and my phenomenal blended family; my children, Jose Jr and Nyasia and my bonus children Xzavier and Annalys, my parents, siblings, friends and fans.

Website/Blog: www.undisputedruns.com

Favorite Race Food/Hydration: My favorite race food is Chobani Greek Yogurt- Banana flip with dark chocolate and almonds and a half of an organic banana. This gives me the perfect amount of nutrition with 52% carbs, 28% percent fat and 20% protein. I eat this about 2 hours before a race. I stay hydrated with water, drinking a minimum of 128 oz a day.

Your Inspiration: My inspirations come from God who makes all things possible. My wife and children inspire me as well.

Your Day Job: I am fitness professional and owner of CheloMan Fitness LLC.

Best and Worst Race Experiences:  The best race experience was on August 23rd 2014 “Lowrey Park Zoo Run”, a 5k run that I completed in 19 min and 40 seconds. There were over 700 participants and I came in 3rd place overall and 1st in my age group weighing 206 pounds. My worst race was on December 6th 2014 “Masters of All Terrain” an ultra marathon 54 and ½ miles. This race brutally destroyed my feet with blisters. I was able to finish the race however I was in immense pain. Cheat Day: (what do you eat, or drink when taking a cheat day?) One a cheat day I drink sweet tea and eat cookies, white chocolate macadamia are my weakness.

Why Trail Toes: Why do I swear by trail toes, because it saved my feet, that are the most important part of my body. A fellow racer introduced me to trail toes after the ultra marathon that destroyed my feet. I am usually a skeptic however I did my research I asked several other racers about trail toes and everyone had great reviews. I was preparing for a 100k trail run and I knew I could not repeat my experience from the previous ultra marathon. So I ordered trail toes and I was not disappointed. I ran 52 miles in the woods the terrain was rough full of branches but my feet felt amazing. I will never run without “Trail Toes” again.

Greatest Life Achievement: (Running or otherwise) My greatest life achievement is being a father to some of the most amazing children in the world. My professional life achievement would be winning two super middle weight professional boxing titles.

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Jaime McDonald

Age: 37

Hometown: Huntersville, NC

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Primary Athletic Disciplines: After struggling with my weight and alcohol addiction for over 15 years, I decided in September 2009, it was time for some major changes in life. In September 2009, I ran my first 5K and my life changed forever! From that point on, I have ran everything from 5Ks to multi day stage races. I am a better person thanks to running. I am forever grateful for the second chance at life that it has given me.

Website/Blog: www.theadventuresofjmc.blogspot.com

Favorite Race Food/Hydration: Generation uCan (Vanilla or Chocolate), plain potato chips, pb & j sandwiches

Your Inspiration: My coach, Ray Zahab. He is my biggest supporter & keeps me inspired with all the amazing things he has done and continues to do.

Your Day Job: I am the East Coast Coordinator for impossible2Possible, a foundation that uses adventure as a medium to inspire, educate, and empower youth around the world.

Best and Worst Race Experiences: Best is crossing the finish line of my first race. I will never forget how empowering it felt. Worst would be the blisters I received at the Grand To Grand Ultra 2014. This was pre Trail Toes….I have learned my lesson on that mistake!

Cheat Day: I don’t follow a strict eating plan…I think everything in moderation works best, and you don’t feel restricted on anything.

Why Trail Toes: After getting the worst blisters I’ve ever had in my life at the Grand to Grand Ultra in 2014, I knew I had to rethink my foot prep for running/races. After my feet finally healed, I started using Trail Toes, and was amazed at how it kept the blisters away! I have used it for a half marathon, a full marathon, and a 50K, plus lots of training miles, and have not gotten one blister! And it’s not only for feet. I use it for other areas of my body that have chaffing issues, plus it’s even great for after care. It’s a miracle product!

2015 Event Schedule: Badwater Cape Fear 51.4 miler, Bald Head Island NC, March 21, 2015 Racefest Half Marathon, Charlotte NC, April 11, 2015 Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie 50 miler, Ellerbe, NC, June 6, 2015 Run The Green Half Marathon, Davidson, NC, September 19, 2015 Thunder Road Marathon, Charlotte NC, November 14, 2015 Derby 50K, Ellerbe, NC, November 28, 2015

Greatest Life Achievement: My alcohol addiction kept a large grip on my life until I was in my early 30s, so the fact I have gotten sober and remained that way through my strength and the support of my family and friends is by far my greatest achievement in life. Life finally began for me the day I stopped drinking.

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Dave Herring

Age: 44

Hometown: Linden, VA

Primary Athletic Disciplines: As a kid growing up I always dreamed of being a professional athlete. I wanted to be the next Dr. J or Art Monk. The problem was I grew up to be 5’ 6” and 125 lbs. So after participating in every sport that I could growing up, running turned out to be for me, the one thing that I was particularly good at where size didn’t really matter. So, I became a runner. It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t enjoying my running like I should. I spent way too much time with a redlined heart rate killing myself for age group places. Then I discovered ultra running with a local trail group. This was the life, running all day in the mountains with good friends and good conversation. Racing was an afterthought. I was enjoying running the way I should. Even racing is more casual these days. I ran my first 100 this past spring, the MMT 100. It’s a real tough rocky race in my backyard. I ran with good friends from the club and had a secret weapon to ensure my finish. I got my 11 year old son to agree to pace me for the last 8 miles of the race from the final aid station to the finish. Needless to say this was an emotional time for me. It will be something that I will NEVER forget. Tears well up in my eyes every time I think about it. I guess you could say it was like my Superbowl championship. I’m a hard core ultra runner now and I couldn’t be prouder!

Favorite Race Food/Hydration: Tailwind Nutrition, Clif Bars, peanut butter pretzel bites, and good cold fresh water

Your Inspiration: My inspiration comes from just being out in the mountains. Being able to explore things on my own two feet. Just being able to experience the outdoors. Also, young people who figure this out at a much younger age than me really inspire me to be a better human being as I grow old.

Your Day Job: Data Technician for a Direct Mail company

Best and Worst Race Experiences: Best race experience is no doubt my 100 mile finish with my son. My goal was 30 hours and we finished in 30:01. My son apologized for not running harder the last few miles. I told him that it didn’t matter. I said that we finished together, and that’s all that matters. Before that experience I would have been disappointed in not making my goal time, but I learned sometimes it really doesn’t matter. The experience is what matters most! Worst race experience would have to be a DNF. Really any of my DNF’s (especially the 8 mile bug swarm 2 years ago). You look back most of the time and realize that you really were not in that bad of shape and that you could have gone on. I think you have to make the decision before you start that today I’m finishing and nothing will stop me.

Cheat Day: I’m an ice cream guy – so Ben and Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie or Mint Chocolate Cookie flavors.

Why Trail Toes: Trail Toes is amazing. It feels good on the feet and is easy to deal with. I don’t have any foot issues during my ultras or long training runs when using my Trail Toes. It just works. When something works you use it. Don’t try to over think things!

2015 Event Schedule: 3/14 Elizabeth Furnace 50K 3/28 Tuscarora Trails 50K 4/25 Promise Land 50K 5/4 Rim-Rim-Rim Grand Canyon Double Crossing 6/7 Old Dominion 100 7/11 Cacapon 12Hr Challenge Trail Run 8/15 Eastern States 100 10/2 Grindstone 100

Greatest Life Achievement: Being a Dad and a good role model for my kids. I believe it’s what we are really here for. Whether it’s our own kids or kids that we are coaching or interacting with. We should all strive to be great role models for our youth.

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