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Tire-Trainer II with Tire

Tire-Trainer II with Tire


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The Tire-Trainer is a unique and fully functional multi-system physical fitness training apparatus designed to help athletes at all levels build, strengthen and maintain a strong solid core to help maximize your workout and ensure a more powerful and dominate finish, regardless the event Contains:

THIS TIRE IS FULLY ASSEMBLED. Order, receive, open, and pull

1. Custom colored weight belt.  It comes standard with loops to allow you to carry your phone or attach a small pouch.  It also has reflective tape for safety.  There are also adjustable pads to allow for a more comfortable pull

2. Rope/Bungee 

3. D-Ring Tire anchor system 

4. 14-16 lbs Tire painted to match either the belt or velcro 

5. Carrying handles 

6. Carrying Straps with custom colors that match the belt. The straps allow you to carry the tire and they also convert to allow you to pull the tire from the shoulders as well 

7. FREE Shipping

8. The liner is no longer available on this item.
9. Because each piece is made at the time of the order it can take 2-4 weeks for delivery from the time of the order. In certain cases we can ship quicker.