The best product on the market for controling the A, B, C's (Abrasions, Blistering and Chafing) caused by outdoor adventures.

  • Is a specially designed anti-friction foot and body cream with the extreme athlete in mind, but intended for everyone 

  • Is engineered to protect your feet and body on every type of terrain, trail, or road regardless of how wet, dry, or hot it is 

  • Will aid in reducing skin irritation, hot spots, blisters, and help you conquer your most rugged adventures 


  • Can also be used to control chilblains, eczema, diabetic skin irritation, wound care, and psoariatic plaques.

  • So go on, get your TRAIL TOES on !! 


Apply directly to skin.


For shorter distances use about a finger tip size dollop to each side of foot and then between the toes. For longer distance double the amount. For the rest of the body apply as needed.


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  • FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Do not put in eyes, ears, nose or mouth. Not to be used over deep lacerations, puncture wounds or infections. If complications develop stop using immediately and wash the area thoroughly. If problems persist consult your physician. Keep out of reach of children and if accidently ingested contact your local poison control center immediately for further instructions.


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