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This is the new Texas Tactical Designs "Badazz Bandana"

Tentative colors:  Light Blue, Lime Green  , Gold, and Pink.

Tentative sizes:  XS 30X4.25, S 34X4.256, M 39X4.25 & Large (The large is really long).

The Badazz Bandana is made from a very soft, water absorbing microfiber.  It is thick enough to hold water but thin enough to allow the cold to transfer to your skin.

It has vibrant colors that will maintain its texture and color through many, many machine washing.

The core of the Icekerchief is the zippered pocket that lets you fill it with ice directly, or you can use snack sized ziplock bags filled with ice to help cool you down during hot events.

The ice sleeves 5.5 inches in width which are designed and placed specifically to keep your carotids, and therefore your core, cool. 

There is an adjustable back flap to protect your neck and upper back shielded from the sun.  There are two velcro tabs to fold the flap up and secure it in place.

The zipper has a 10" opening to allow a quick pour of ice, or even quicker ice bag replacent.  The zipper comes with a pull tab and there is an elastic covering to protect the zipper and keep if from getting tangled in hair or clothes.

There is a quick chest strap attachment to keep it from falling loose and the paracord has reflective piping to allow for some safety while running at night.

This will be a gamechanger for all the runs, walks, hikes, and outdoor events.  No matter where they are.

Badazz Bandana - Sleeve by Texas Tactical Designs - 15.00

SKU: 663250233170
  • How to size:  Wear the shirt you most often run in the take a measuring tape, drape it around your neck, stand up straight, put the 1 inch end just below your breast bone (or the place you feel it would hang best on you), and then bring the other side around and see where they meet.  

    That will be your best sizing option.  

    There is a picture included to show this technique.

    1. Small - 30X6

    2.  Medium - 37X6

    3.  Large - 43X6

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