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Our customers love our products and we value every one of them. See what they're saying about us below.
Please share your story and feet pics with us as well.

"Not quite a picture of my feet but I'm smiling because my toes are happy! I ran the Colonial Half which was pretty humid which equals sweaty feet. I've always had problems with rubbing between my toes (Five Finger shoes) once my shoes are older than 3 months. They are comfortable everywhere else (broken in) but start to rub between my toes. Someone gave me a small sample of trail toes and WOW! It worked wonders. Now I don't have to go broke buying shoes every 3 months!"

Letty Marino

"Feb 20 2016 I hiked the 50 mile Everglades Ultra in hiking boots. The terrain was muddy and wet. Lots of slipping and lateral shoe movement. End result: blisters on the inside and outside of both heels. [Race Director, Bob Becker, heard my plight and recommended Trail Toes. When the oldest person on the planet to ever complete the Badwater Double recommends a product, I pay attention]. Fast forward to April 1-3, 2016. Hiked 57 miles of the AT from Bland VA to Marion VA. Lots of rocks and unstable footing. I applied Trail Toes on my heels each morning. Same hiking boots, same sock combination as the Ultra. No blisters. None. Thanks for the product."

Stephen Roos

Jason Allen.jpg

"I tried your product for the first time at the 2015 Summer Death Race. It worked incredibly well. This year's race was brutal to your feet as it included a 30+ mile barefoot hike followed by 24+ hours of continually wet feet. Your Trailtoes cream and Trailtoes tape kept me moving forward."

Jason Allen

"Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I ran Mountains 2 Beach Marathon on Sunday and slathered Trail Toes on my feet, and I was able to finish the race without developing any blisters or hot spots, and I BQed!"

Lani Teshima

"I want to thank you for an outstanding product in the Trail Toes Cream and for such great service. I ordered it late on a Friday night and had it the next Tuesday. I was thrilled when I opened the package and saw the extra goodies you had included. Thank you very much. I used it exclusively in my first 24 hour trail race a few days after receiving it. No chafing and not a blister! It was one less thing to worry about in the race. I worked an aid station the next week at a trail race and they had Trail Toes there along with Vaseline. I recommended the Trail Toes to anyone I could. Thanks again for a great product. I'm totally sold on it. Keep up the good work."

Jeff Lingafelter

Heather Galindo.png

"Noticed some rough spots in my little trail-running dog's armpits after a weekend of slopping through a muddy forest. I eventually realized his harness was chafing him! Trail Toes to the rescue! Rubbed some in his pits for our next run and he was fine and dandy after 6 hilly road miles. Thanks for rescuing our runs until I can find a harness that doesn't chafe him!"

Heather Galindo

Michael Downey.png

"Just wanted to say how amazing your product is. I used it this past weekend at the Spartan race beast in Nj. 9 hrs 13 miles later of going up and down and all over with wet feet and not a single blister, hot spot or issue with my feet."

Michael Downey

Dustin Branton.png

"Thanks again for the Trail Toes Support. We had 61 runners. Many needed anti friction creme throughout the day. By the end of the race they knew to ask for Trail Toes by name instead of some of the other products that were available. I will continue to support your product. I think it's the best stuff ever. I'm running the Thunder Rock 100 on May 15th. I plan on carrying my Trail Toes with me. Thanks again."

Dustin Branton, Race Director BADLANDS50

Rabiaa Gardner.png

"Thank you Trail Toes for a great product, just finished an other Half Marathon. You guys rock"

Rabiaa Gardner

"Eh guys! Another good use for this magical product! It works great for frostbite on nose and face! Baffin expedition tested! Thanks Vincent Antunez."

Stefano Gregoretti

Deborah Deleon Olson.jpg

"Thanks Trail Toes completed the Brazos Bend 50k Saturday I used trail toes ointment and tape had no chafing. Thanks again for your fabulous products."

Deborah Deleon Olson

Teresa Morris.jpg

"I LOVE Trail Toes! I discovered Trail Toes at the packet-pickup expo for the 2nd annual Cocoa Women's Half Marathon. I severely chafe under my arms and sport bra line when I run in warm or hot weather, so I have to have some sort of protection. I was eager to find an anti-friction product that works better than Body Glide, which tends to melt off after a few miles of running. I impulse purchased a jar of Trail Toes, which I used during the half marathon the next day. The weather was warm, which meant that without protection, chafing would start under my arms by mile three and I'd suffer the last ten miles of the race. Trail Toes protected me the entire race. It didn't melt off, and it completely prevented chafing. I panic if, in a rush to get in a run, I forget to apply it. I even give Trail Toes to my running friends as birthday presents. This stuff is awesome!"

Teresa Morris

"Thanks for the note. I received the cream in time to test it and use in a 24 hour GORUCK event. I rucked with 40+ lbs for 24 hours in the rain. I re-applied Trail Toes roughly every 6 hours to my feet and shoulders and had no blisters or hot spots. Great product."

Chad Smith

"Thank you! I was given a sample of trail toes at a recent 25k. I tried it out on an 18 mile training run and for the first time returned home blister free. Ordered the container from Amazon to use for future runs. Thank you for this amazing product!"

Jennifer Youmans Smith

"I used your tape today it was so comfortable and no blisters. Love your products everything is amazing."

Deborah Deleon Olson

Stacy Boone.jpg

"The Ultra Extreme Foot Cream has made me feet most delighted. After a week of snowshoeing with clients I allowed my feet to breathe only to be rewarded with a crack in the connective skin between my big toe and the ball of my foot. With a 50K two days away I grabbed the jar and covered each foot. Saturday morning I again smeared each foot and covered the cracked blemish. 34-miles later and my feet proved to not be a problem despite the sandy landscape and unfettered winds. Thank you Trail Toes. You have won the loyalty of a backpacker/snowshoer/runner."

Stacy Boone

Arkansas Traveler.jpg

"Thanks Trail Toes to get me through those very rough trails in Arkansas Traveler, no blisters!"

Arkansas Traveler

Travis Rolph.jpg

"Trail Toes was my go-to for all things foot and chafing related at this year’s Grand to Grand Ultra Stage Race.  I used it daily for my feet, nether region and lower back finishing the race in 38th place (46 places better than last years 84th place finish) completely healthy and ready for my next adventure.  Trail Toes is definitely in my race pack!"

Travis Rolph

"Trail Toes advertises itself as being a "Phenomenal, Ultra-Extreme, Anti-friction foot and body cream". I received my jar of this cream in Tampa, Florida right before running in the Special Ops Spartan Sprint. I knew that running an Obstacle Course Race in a stadium was going to present a unique mixture of running surfaces, stairs, ramps, and obstacles to negotiate.

So I followed their directions and slathered the cream on the sides of my feet and my heels, then between each toe. My particular foot pains revolve around hot spots and eventually blisters on the balls of my feet and my entire soles actually, so I then coated all the skin on my feet with Trail Toes before putting on my socks and running the race.

I was pleasantly surprised after the race and an entire day of volunteering on my feet afterwards that I had absolutely no pain, blisters, or sore hot spots on my feet. Everything else may have been sore, but not my skin. I've used it every running or training session since then, even running on treadmills which really has killed the soles of my feet before, but I've not experienced any of my previous problems."

Tony Ferrante

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