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M. Antunez, DSc, PA-C

President and Founder Trail Toes, LLC
Doctorate of Science in Orthopedics
US Army Physician Assistant
Four Desert Club Member
Marathoner, Ultra-marathoner

Our Story

Trail Toes Phenomenal Ultra Extreme Anti Friction Foot and Body Cream was born in battle by MAJ Vincent M. Antunez, DSc, PA-C, an Army orthopedic Physician Assistant and ultra marathon runner, while serving in Afghanistan in June 2013. Trail Toes is a specially formulated silicon and bees wax based product designed to protect the feet and body from the A, B, C's (abrasions, blistering, and chafing) that can result from extreme athletic endeavors. It has been tested by athletes from all disciplines and with varying levels of experience in arctic, desert, wet and mountainous terrain. This special formula has helped these adventurers compete more effectively in some of the most extreme athletic endeavors on the planet including the 170 mile Grand to Grand 7 day stage race, the 100 mile Hardrock ultra marathon, and a 584 mile Badwater quad. Additionally, the Trail Toes, LLC staff and sponsored runners are dedicated to giving back to the running community and willingly support events and charitable organizations throughout the US and beyond.

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