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The Great Trail Toes Distance Challenge

Let us help you reach your goals

**Ever wonder what it would be like to go from being a preverbal couch potato to an ultra-marathoner, well now is your chance to test yourself and achieve what others only dream of.

**  The Trail Toes Great Distance Challenge has no start or end.  The only thing you have to do is run/walk outside or indoors (if there are restrictions on your ability to go outside), and do the distance.  

** The Great Trail Toes Distance Challenge will consist of 15 separate events that allow you, the runner, whether you are brand new to the sport or you have been around for decades, to step up from a short 3k distance all through a 1/2 marathon, marathon, ultra distances all the way up to 200 miles.


** The Great Trail Toes Distance Challenge includes the following 15 separate distances:  3K (1.86 miles), 5K (3.11 miles), 10K (6.21 miles), 13.1 (21.08 K), 30K (18.64 miles), 26.2 (42.16 K), 50K (31.06 miles), 50 mile (80.47 K), 100K (62.14 miles), 75 mile (120.70 K), 100mile (160.93 K), 125 mile (201.17 K), 150 mile (241.40 K), 175 mile (281..63 K), and 200 mile (321.87 K) events. 

** Each event will be self directed and at the runners own pace.  But each distance MUST be run as separate event.  Meaning you can't sign up for the 50 miler and do the 50 miles, but also get credit for all the distances below.  In addition, all distances must be run to completion as a single event.  However, if you are running a programed event with another RD, you can include that one in the event and get additional, but more personalized, bit of swagger to show off your outstanding accomplishment.

** For your effort each runner will get a cool 5x5 inch reflective plate that can be mounted on the car, wall or anywhere you want to display them (heck they can be used as a Christmas ornament).  You will also get a very personalized 5X5 wooden finishers medal that will, once provided, include your name, date, finishing time, city and state, or event and place.  If you want a special notice like it was a PR or your first event at that distance we will do that that as well at no extra charge.  You will also get some cool stickers to display in places that will let others know what a badass you are becoming. 

** To get your awesome swag, just send us a pic of your time and distance and we will send out your awards.  We will also engrave your name, the date and time of the event and if you want to include the town and state or event you ran in, we will include that was well.

                   For example:

                   1.  Vincent M. Antunez, D.Sc., PA-C

                       Date: 17 July 2020 / Time 3:04:43

                       Roads of Selma, TX

                   2. Vincent M. Antunez

                       Date: 18 July 2020 / Time 5:59:10

                       Capt Karl's Trail Series Muleshoe Bend 

** There will be additional swag for purchase to show off your effort as well.  We will have embroidered hats and shirts, as well as detailed etched Yeti style mugs available soon.

** We will also have a FaceBook page dedicated to the runners doing the Great Trail Toes Distance Challenge, but what's more important is that the entire Trail Toes Team Ambassadors will be available to answer some of your burning questions to help you have a better experience as you get further and further into this epic endeavor. 

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Your Challenge is just a click away:  Choose your distance, or better yet, your distances:

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