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The 50 States Virtual Challenge

*  Since it is almost impossible to travel these days, and runners still want to run with a specific goal in mind, the Trail Toes Team is offering this unique opportunity to display the fact that you have run at least one race in all 50 states.

*  The basic premise is that you sign up for, and run, any given distance, from a race in each of the 50 states and you become a member of the Run 50 States Challenge Club.  If you ran a virtual marathon in Florida, a 5 k in New York, and a 100 miler in Texas, it doesn't matter, just do one run in every state and you become a member of the club and your name will get posted on our wall of fame to honor your endeavor.

*  However, if you are a purest and only want to run 5k's, 1/2 marathons, marathons, or 50 milers, whatever single distance you choose, we will have a separate category on the wall of fame for you as well.

* When you sign up for this unique event, you will receive a beautifully designed velcro map, in either a single color or a more elaborate 8 color design, and it will be on a color backing of your choosing.  Also, once you have completed all of your distances, send us the list of all the events you completes and the Team will send you a packet of carefully designed markers for each of the states showing the name of the race, date, distance and time it took to complete the event.

*  The velcro map will also allow to display all of your medals showing just how significant your accomplishment was. These maps are perfect for putting on a wall in any room, but you will want to put it in a place of prominence, that is how beautiful they are.

*  The maps are 30 inches high and 48 inches wide and will would be a great addition to any runners wall.

*  The cost for the map only is $50.00 plus S&H.  The cost of the map with the personalized engraving of each event markers once you have completed all the runs is an additional $75.00 plus S&H. When you sign up we will send you a template to fill out and we will use that to print out your colorful state completion markers.

*  All you have to do now is sign up and run.

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